Information Security & Confidentiality Policy


Access to information via the Portal is permitted only to the campus community (students, faculty, staff, etc.).  Access to Intranet data via the Portal is only permitted to faculty and staff or to those subject to confidentiality agreements with Lehigh Carbon Community College.

College Confidentiality

Campus portal users (students, faculty, staff, etc.) are to treat all documents and information on the Lehigh Carbon Community College Portal as College Confidential. Other users granted access are to treat these documents and information as subject to their confidentiality agreements with Lehigh Carbon Community College. These documents and information should NOT be distributed to persons not permitted to have access to the site without the express consent of the document owner.

Nature of the Information

The information and functionality contained in this site has been provided as a convenience and information resource for Lehigh Carbon Community College communities, and in some cases, is provided by outside sources. It has been supplied upon the condition that the recipient will make his or her own determination as to the suitability of that information before use and that the recipient has the proper qualifications or expertise to properly evaluate and use that information. Although we have tried to make all information accurate at the time it is posted to the site, we cannot guarantee or warrant completeness or accuracy, or that information will be updated. We make no representation that the information contained on the site is appropriate or available for use in all counties or states. If you have any questions about the information contained on a particular page, contact the owner of that content as listed on that page. 

Computer Usage Policies

All those granted access are required to participate in the Lehigh Carbon Community College information technology environment in a secure and appropriate manner by complying with the established policies, standards, and guidelines. The purpose of the policies, standards, and guidelines is to:

  • Ensure the appropriate use and security of Lehigh Carbon Community College electronically stored and processed information technology assets.
  • Protect the College's valuable information assets from unauthorized or inappropriate disclosure, use, interruption, damage, or loss.
  • Preserve confidential or proprietary information related to employees, students, contractors, agents, clients, and suppliers.
  • Protect the legal position of the College.
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